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   公司简介 - Hebei Qianghua Mesh
     Hebei Qianghua Mesh Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of paper machine clothing and filter belts, have more than 40 years' experience.
Products include forming fabric, weaving dryer fabric, spiral dryer fabric, pulp washing fabric, press felt, drying transport cloth for corrugated board, sludge dewatering belt, spiral filtration belt, thickner belt, antistatic fabric etc.
Our products are widely used in pulp and paper industry, mining, food industry, chemical, sewage treatment etc.

Hebei Qianghua Mesh Industry CO., LTD
email: sales@huaqiangmesh.com
Skype: huaqiangmesh2088
Tel:86-311-6802 3394-805 Fax: 86-311-6802 3394-804

所在地区: Hebei - Shi jia zhuang
邮编/地址: 050000/NO.8 Huai'an East Road   查看地图
联 络 人: Suyong
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